Products for Today’s Health-Conscious and Planet-Friendly Consumers

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Life of Riley Marketing and parent company Riley McCartney Associates, Inc. represent some of the hottest – and coolest – natural and specialty products on the market, covering the East Coast and beyond. We find exciting, innovative natural products in the Food & Beverage, Healthy Beauty & Lifestyle and Supplements & Functionals categories.  

We often know about these brands before anyone else, and we would love to share them with you!  

Our brands are perfect for health food stores; gourmet stores; supermarkets; pharmacies and apothecaries; gift stores; college stores, wellness centers and many other retail establishments.  

Whether your order comes via distribution or direct from the manufacturer, our goal is to make the initial review, opening order and re-order buying process as easy as possible for you. One of our founders was a natural food store owner and buyer, so we get it.  

When you need help, you can call your rep or you can speak directly to someone at our office. You can request samples, place an order, get pricing info, get answers to customer product questions and much more.  

Once the product is on your shelf, we don't stop there. Our marketing campaigns are designed to get local customers into your ailses to buy these awesome products that have been given your valuable shelf space. Yes ... we get it!  

We would love to send you more info and samples of the lines that we are working with, and we'd love to keep you up-to-date on new lines via our Life of Riley Marketing Newsletters. Don't worry ... only industry info here, and we won't overdo it!  

Just click the box below and fill in the form, so we can get you the right stuff. If there are specific lines that you are interested in, please mention that in the comments sections.  

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