Several years ago I was one of the first people to introduce
a very well known brand of coconut water to NYC natural food stores.
At that time, if you told me that you were considering coming out with a new brand of coconut water,
I would have said go for it! I’ll take on your brand and get you in a dozen distributors. After all one brand at the time was pretty much all there was. A short while later and still today I would strongly advise against it. Why?
Because then their was a proven product with limited brands. Just one of its kind at first. Then another. And another.
The market for this category is saturated.
Unless the next coconut water is made with non-gmo, hydroponic miniature¬† Martian coconuts … its all been done.
Could amazing branding and a huge marketing budget change everything?
Absolutely, but most of us don’t have a multi million dollar marketing budget.